Yuletide Concert
Palo Alto

December 16, 2017


We had a bright, sunny day for the yule Concert this year!

Many thanks to Chris Heider for contributing the photos. Enjoy the pics!

[1]  It was a gorgeous day for the Yuletide Concert 2017!

[2]  We had an impressive turnout of musicians and carollers.

[3]  Lytton Plaza was decorated for the occasion.

[4]  Each of the band members has creatively followed the dress code.

[5]  There are plenty of charts and songbooks, so everyone can join in.

[6]  The brass section sounds strong!

[7]  Bee and Boris are proud of the band today!

[8]  Jim and Patti are enjoying the season!

[9]  The word festoon comes to mind as we enjoy Dick’s seasonal outfit.

[10]  Rich and Jim are sounding good!

[11]  We were an impressive sight.

[12]  Dick is one of our three tubas today.

[13]  Vinny thinks Santa needs a little nip.

[14]  David is ably conducting the group today.

[15]  The warm sun felt good to the carolling section.

[16]  Chuck is the second of our three tuba players today.

[17]  Raggs (the dog) enjoys our music, too!

[18]  Ptah is Raggs’ master.

[19]  Chris (our third tuba player) and Heather are happy to be here!

[20]  Vinny and David enjoy a nip at break time.

[21]  Patti admires Elsa’s homemade scarf!

[22]  These horns are warming up in the sun.

[23]  Wild Bill looks dashing in his top hat today!

[24]  Jim talks with Lou, the oldest member of the band. He will turn 104 next month!

[25]  Kathy always has a creative uniform!

[26]  Merele and Kathy are getting on the same page!

[27]  No carolling group would be complete without a juggler!

[28]  Our juggler, Ross, also doubles on xaphoon!

[29]  We look good, sound good, and have a good time. What’s not to like?

[30]  Carollers continue to arrive!

[31]  Jimmy looks and sounds good on trumpet.

[32]  Jo-Ellen wore her tree-hat for the occasion. As usual, she is bright and cheery!

[33]  Smiley is full of good cheer today!

[34]  With everyone in place, we are now at full strength.

[35]  “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!”

[36]  Matt and Rose team up on saxaphone!

[37]  Bill has a funny story to share with Jim!

[38]  Our prime location next to the sidewalk gives us good public exposure.

[39]  All of our musicians are in good form today.

[40]  Wlid Bill is particularly dapper.

[41]  Keltie did get the memo about wearing red and green today!

[42]  Here some folks are observing the band from the sidewalk.

[43]  Jan and Dick look great in their holiday hats!

[44]  Pili is also happy to be with her favorite band today!

[45]  There is nothing wrong with your set. It is simply a reflection from the horn.

[46]  What can I say?

[47]  Cindy is our first-chair piccoloist.

[48]  She can read and play at the same time!

[49]  Marilyn always provides wonderful sound on the sax.

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