St. Patrick’s Day Parade
San Francisco
March 15, 2008

Part 1


Many thanks to Judy Basolo for sinding in the following photos:

Carmen and Ptah soak up the sun before the parade!

Jimmy and Judi are happy to be Irish for the day!

Our green banner gives us the edge in the parade competition!

Marko and Rocky are the foundation of our drum section!

Drum Major Dave is dressed for the inclement weather that never arrived!

The button says it all!

Doug the Milkman marks his mute.

Rich takes Judi’s mug message to heart!

Judi and Keltie loosen up as we approach the judging stand.

The corned beef buffet was ready and waiting as we entered Club 93 after the parade.

Rich and Carmen prepare to play a few tunes for the bar partons.

David and Barry guard the ladies room.

Craig is in fine form!

Cindy and bithday-boy Matt play for food!

Squeezer McBride joins in on Tipperary.

The corned beef dinner was tasty, as always. A great finale to a sunny day in San Francisco!

Many thanks to Doug Anderson for sending in the following photos:

Ptah adds a leprechaun element to his Greek-God-Peace theme!

Patti and Delightful Debbie check out the Irish dancing girls, and Patti offers twirling lessons.

Linda, Ptah, Patti and Jim reflect on our fine performance at the judging stand. Now it‘s time to head for Club 93!

Ross tries to keep his balls under control in the low-overhead environment of the Club.

Doug and Jo-Ellen are looking sharp and very Irish!

This co-ed from Fresno State was visiting the City for the weekend.
She said, “I really like the band, because nothing like this ever happens in Fresno!”

If YOU have some parade photos to share, let us know!

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