St. Patrick’s Day Parade
March 17, 2007
San Francisco

Part 1


(Many thanks to Doug for the photos!)

We were followed by a gaggle of garbage collectors this year.
Here we see Ptah discussing world hunger, global warming, and Islamic terrorism with the lead collector.

Here we relax in front of the Civic Auditorium after the parade.
Our latest band member, Dizzy Hips, is in the foreground.

Rich, Patti and Jim are in good form.

The Grinch was a favorite of the kids!

Matt “Three Cups” Wahlin is properly dressed for the occasion!

We had a good sound at Club 93 after the parade.

“Luscious Louise” and Florence star in the rhythm section.

The Club is under new ownership this year. Here we see the new owner, Kate (Midori) joining in the fun!

After we played, the traditional corned beef and cabbage was a real treat, enjoyed by all band members.

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