St. Patrick’s Day Parade
March 13, 2005


(Many thanks to Mark Wade for the following photos!)

We had a beautiful, sunny day to march up Market Street and celebrate St. Patrick.
Delphia, Jimmy, and Judi are all ready for the march!

Marge and Boris enjoy a little togetherness!

We are off and marching, and you can actually see some evidence of a formation here.

Barry is fully pressurized and ready to serve his fellow musicians.

We are certainly a magnificent sight to behold!

Patti steps out with her baton mastery.

Delphia has a beautiful pair of maracas to entertain the crowd!

The band made a brief detour along the parade route to entertain a local business establishment.

Now, it’s back to parade business!

Our tight formation seems to be loosening up as the parade progresses.

Gail is into a full swing!

Here we head for the judging stand, across from City Hall.

Marge and Delphia relax after our performance.

Now, Marge and Helen are ready for some corned beef and cabbage.

Smiley and Sue are in a happy mood!

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