St. Patrick’s Day Parade
March 14, 2004
San Francisco

A bright, warm, sunny day was on hand for the traditional St. Patrick’s Day Parade in the City. The turnout was heavy, as many spectators lined Market Street for the entire parade route.

Many thanks to Washboard Kitty for sending in these photos!

Our newly-refurbished banner was the perfect introduction for the band!

Photographers of all stripes were out in force to document the occasion!

The front line was in good form for the event!

Chris and Joey discuss horn section strategy.

Washboard Kitty always has a smile for the crowd!

We understand there were a few talent scouts in the crowd, but we haven't been contacted yet.

Florence and Keltie wore their finest hats for the occasion!

The Leprechaun Division presented itself well to the crowd!

Ptah displayed his new headgear!

Birkholz left his Sousaphone at home and joined the trombone section, due to a bad shoulder.

We were a sight to behold, as we paraded down market Street to the cheering of the crowds!

David, our drum major, issues the final orders before the judging stand.

As we approach the judging stand, we are on our best behavior.

The judging stand was across the street from City Hall.
This shot is of the back of the stand from across the plaza.


After the parade, we repaired to the Bay View Boat Club
to play a few tunes and have some refreshments.

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