Santa Clara Parade of Champions
October 5, 1986


Ptah bought a new camcorder back in 1985 or so, and only recently uncovered some old tapes taken when the unit was still a novelty.

These still shots were taken from Ptah's video of the Santa Clara Parade of Champions, October 5, 1986. This parade and our Annual Rehearsal, February 8, 1987, are available together on a DVD for your viewing pleasure!

[2] Here's Jake, looking for the band (approaching behind him).

[3] Arf is in good form, maintaining total command of the situation!

[4] We had a good turnout, and the beer cart can be seen pulling up the rear!

[5] Ptah is looking good!

[6] Jan Holliday heading up the washboard section!

[7] Boris is out in front, Paul Edwards is in the green shirt, and Joey is in the red shirt.

[8] Ptah is ready for anything!

[9] Roger Holliday is in the red vest, and Ptah is holding both his flute and a beer.


[11] Here’s Norm Proffitt on banjo and Chris Quinn on Sousaphone.

[12] We either took a wrong turn, or Arf is calling for a counter-march!

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