Annual Band Rehearsal
April 19, 2003

The 2003 Annual Band Rehearsal was held at the home of
Jack and Ronni Haderle. We had a good turnout,
the weather was perfect, and everyone had a good time.

The band warmed up on a few of the standards.

The horns and Carmen were in good form.

The neighbors got a real treat!

Ronni played Sousaphone for the session.

Bert was a little “under the weather,” but he bluffed pretty well.

Up to a point.

“Did this thing come with instructions?”

Ptah was in rare form, as usual.

Everyone brought some treats, so we all had enough to eat.

Carpy explains the meaning of life to Ptah.

Cindy made some homemade ice cream on the spot.

After we fed ourselves, we marched all around the neighborhood, entertaining the dogs and neighbors.


A worthy start for the 2003 parade season!

[All photos courtesy of Mark Wade]


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