Annual Band Rehearsal
Jack and Ronni’s Place
April 20, 2002

We had a good turnout for the Annual Rehearsal, and it was a beautiful sunny day.
Red Hook ESB was on tap, Ronni’s chilli was a big hit, Carmen brought a big salad,
Jim Smith brought his famous Bambi Sausage, and many other culinary contributions made for a fine feast.

We warmed up on a few Band standards, but “The Official March” was a little rough.

This unusual trio is clearly enjoying the ambiance.

At the proper moment it was announced that, after many years of fruitless competition,
our esteemed Drum Major, Arf Pitney, captured THIRD PLACE
in the San Francisco St. Patrick’s Day Parade this year.

Patti places the Bronze Medal on the happy recipient.

Well deserved recognition, after so many years!

After running through a few tunes, we take to the neighborhood streets to entertain the neighbors.

With a front line of trombones like this, what more could you ask?

Our formation was not exactly “tight.”

Here is the rear guard section of our new “surround sound” strategy for 2002.


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