The LTWCMB Annual Rehearsal

April 16, 2011


Once a year (whether we need it or not), we gather to hone our musical skills and to have a good time. This year, Ptah was kind enough to invite us to his place for the event.

The following photos were contributed by Allan and Doug.

[Allan-01]  We had a big turnout for the Annual Rehearsal this year!

[Allan-02]  Lots of terrific hors ’d oeuvres, too!

[Allan-03]  Ptah fired up his barbecue and cooked some sausages and a pork shoulder.

[Allan-04]  There were some tense moments, too, over at the domino board.

[Allan-05]  New member Joe Simoni (accordion) meets his fellow musicians.

[Allan-06]  The wisteria on the arbor was in full bloom for the accasion.

[Allan-07]  Kitty and Claire sample the salad.

[Allan-08]  Ronni and Jimmy visit the smorgasbord.

[Allan-09]  Patti, Elsa, and Jim enjoy the perfect Spring day with their fellow comrades.

[Allan-10]  Now they pose for a “candid” shot!

[Allan-11]  Cindy and Hal discuss world events.

[Allan-12]  Lee and Bert check out the smorgasbord.

[Allan-13]  Marge welcomes new member Ginnie to the band.

[Allan-14]  Kitty makes an offer to Bert that he can’t refuse.

[Allan-15]  Ptah tends to the fire.

[Allan-16]  Bruce, Mark, and Hal are three of our best musicians!

[Allan-17]  Paul listens to a sales pitch from Boris.

[Allan-18]  Squeezer and Norma share a good laugh.

[Allan-19]  There was plenty to eat for the starving musicians!

[Allan-20]  Florence loves the band!

[Allan-21]  Rich and Jimmy swap lies.

[Allan-22]  Rudy and Farris enjoy the good food.

[Allan-23]  Percussion Section Leader Doug feels confident that his section will perform at its peak today.

[Allan-24]  Bambi, Paul, Boris, Vinny, and Chris recall the days of the transistor radio.

[Allan-25]  Bruce compliments Ptah on his hospitality today.

[Allan-26]  “Lugnuts” Nelson plays the cymbal hat when he is not on his creeper.

[Allan-27]  David, Neil, and Rudy taste the sausages from the grill.

[Allan-28]  Ptah is happy to host the rehearsal event!

[Allan-29]  Jack spends a contemplative moment.

[Allan-30]  The pork shoulder finally comes off the grill, and is enjoyed by the band members.

[Allan-31]  Jimmy studies his horn.

[Allan-32]  Allan shows his black and white tambourine set.

[Allan-33]  Hal and Jack tune up their trombones.

[Allan-34]  Meanwhile, percussionists Smiley and Kitty tell tales.

[Allan-35]  We may be ready play a tune!

[Allan-36]  Elsa is tending to her knitting.

[Allan-37]  But Neil is ready to go.

[Allan-38]  David decides to make an announcement.

[Allan-39]  He has their attention.

[Doug-1]  Hans and his mom, visiting from Sweden, enjoy some food.

[Doug-2]  Jo-Ellen, Jim, and Leonora are telling stories.

[Doug-3]  Doug gets a bystander to take his picture.

[Doug-4]  It’s time to play a few tunes!

[Doug-5]  Rich explains to Jack how to play the trombone.

[Doug-6]  Let the music begin!

[Doug-7]  Everyone gets into the act!

[Doug-8]  Ronni and Jo-Ellen tune up!

[Doug-9]  The percussion section is in good form!

[Doug-10]  And the brass is sounding good, too!

[Doug-11]  We decide to march down the street, where some neighbor girls meet up with the band. Claire teaches them how to play the washboard!

[Doug-12]  We always sound good in the street!

[Doug-13]  Paul is a happy boy.

[Doug-14]  Patti shows a neighbor girl how to twirl!

[Doug-15]  Ronni, Carmen, and Cindy couldn’t be happier!

[Doug-16]  It was a great afternoon, as the chairs are packed up to wait for the next event.

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