Ptah’s 65th Semi-Surprise Birthday Party
Marge’s Place
October 20, 2002

Hey, you’re only 65 once in your life, so why not enjoy yourself?

Marge fixed a beautiful cake for the occasion.

Patti and Jack are all ready to celebrate in their Hawaiian outfits!

[Because Marge and Ptah had just returned from a vacation in Hawaii,
Marge decided that the party dress code would be Hawaiian.]

Marge allowed Ptah to participate in the kitchen activities,
so the birthday boy was having a good time!

Marge and Ptah show off their coordinated Hawaiian outfits.

Birkholz traded his Sousaphone for the piano, and we played a few tunes for Ptah (and ourselves).

Matt, Rose, and Ross are ready for the luau!

Ross demands to know where the cocoanuts are.

Ptah does a nice job on the shrimp!

He even manages to get all of the candles out in one blow!

And now, the cake cutting.

Those masonry skills do come in handy!

Now for a few gifts.

Helen Morgan bestows many gifts in the birthday stockings.

There's more to come, Ptah!

The Harveys presented him with a photo collage of the Band members.

Barry and Carmen give him this beautiful medallion.

Ptah mimics his birthday card from Keltie.

Keltie presents him with this beautiful photo collection of LTWCMB memories.

Ptah shows his appreciation to Keltie.

Ptah helps Florence augment her costume.

Having served as a sailor in his youth,
Ptah's advanced knot-tying skills are brought into play.


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