Annual Band Picnic
August 7, 2005
Huddart Park

We had about 40 folks joining us this year for our annual day of relaxation in the woods. The weather was outstanding (as usual), and everyone enjoyed our own home-made music and barbecue. The horseballs competition added some excitement and we now have a new champion.

One of the scheduled events of the day was the presentation of medals to two of our drum majors for superior performances in recent parades. Unfortunately, neither Matt nor Rich showed up, so the presentation of medals was canceled.

The photos on this page were contributed by Harvey and Cindy, Harvey first:

Joey, Steve “Slide” Slusser, Bob McIntyre, and Ross warm up before the barbecue.

Sarah and Jack join in.

Carmen and Cindy look fine in their matching tee shirts!

Randy ignores Boris’s advances.

We had four grills going full-time and lots of fine eats.

Randy did a really nice job on some perfectly-seasoned zucchini slices!

Ptah brought his two brothers along as guests for the day.

Here’s Dennis, Ptah, and Bob.

Pilar and Ross are in a perfect mood for the day!

A wonderful spread, and free zucchinis for the asking!

Last year's horseballs champion was back again, trying for a second title.
However, Marge was unseated by Diantha’s friend, Rod.

There was plenty of competition, and everyone had their own style!
Here, Patti shows her distinctive form.


Many thanks to Cindy for contributing the following photos!

These ladies were easily entertained by the tournament.

Jack glances to the side, as he takes the last cookie.

Dave tries Randy’s asparagus spears.

Steve, Jim, and Barry keep the barbecue under control.

Tim and Sarah share a mutual fascination.

New members Susan and Chuck are enjoying the fine ambiance of the band in the woods.

Randy, Ronni, Joey, Cindy, and Carmen are happy campers!

Barry explains the meaning of life to Joey.

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