The LTWCMB Annual Picnic, 2001

The first group of photos was contributed by
Stew & Rogene Gillmor

With plenty of food appearing on the tables, we decide to play a few tunes.

There's nothing like the sound of fine music in the woods.

The band members enjoy the fellowship fostered by food, drink, and music!

Rogene has a big smile for the band.

Everyone is in a good mood at the Annual Picnic!


The next group of photos was contributed by Ptah.

Night has fallen, but not the spirits of Rogene and Keltie!

Why are these two smiling?

Carmen and Barry are all smiles!

Ptah brought a big watermelon, and passed it around.

That watermelon is tasty!

Carmen and Barry sport their LTWCMB shirts!

Caught with some watermelon, Harv is at a loss for words.

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