Annual Band Picnic
Redwood City

July 29, 2012


We had perfect weather and a good turnout for the Annual Band Picnic this year!

Thanks to Drummer Doug for sending in the following pictures!

[01]  Patti and Jim set up the barbecue grills.

[02]  Everyone settles in for a nice picnic lunch.

[03]  Everyone has plenty to eat, with the many hors d’oeuvres to share!

[04]  Band members love to commune with nature.

[05]  The Harveys enjoy a nice cab with lunch.

[06]  Diantha is very happy today!

[07]  Harvey and Barry are also happy to be here!

[08]  After lunch, the band plays a few tunes.

[09]  Harvey explains that the band won First Place in the Independence Day parade, and Drum Major Rich won First place in his category!

[10]  Also, the band group photo, taken on July 4th, is available today for only $5, complete with acrylic frame with triple-polished edges!

[11]  Step right up!

[12]  Rich couldn’t resist.

[13]  They’re going like hotcakes!

[14]  The band sounds good today!

[15]  As one of the announcers along the parade route in Redwood City said, “This band proves you can have fun at any age.”

[16]  Patti twirls for the flora and fauna.

[17]  Sounding good!


[19]  Cindy brought her family along to enjoy the event.

[20]  Some nice trio work from Bob, Bert, and Vinny.

[21]  Nancy brought her mom to enjoy the festivities.

[22]  Steve and Dick discuss world events.

[23]  Lou and Vi are happy to be with the band.

[24]  Ross wore his best shirt today, and is ready to compete in the horseballs tourament.

[25]  Linda is here with her family ...

[26]  ... including her mom.

[27]  A perfect day!

[28]  Helen and Jim toast the occasion!

[29]  Cecily, her mom, and Bruce love the picnic!

[30]  Lee, Ronni, and Carmen are real relaxed today.

[31]  Keltie, Smiley, and Florence cleared their calendars so they could be here today!

[32]  There were two horseballs tournament divisions this year: singles and couples. The singles champion was Ross, ...

[33]  ... and the doubles champions were Lou and Vi.

[34]  Merele congratulates the couples champions.

[35]  Jim and Jo-Ellen would rather be here than anywhere else.

[36]  Lee shares a laugh with Jim and Jo-Ellen.

[37]  We were all grateful when Boris switched from soprano sax to ukelele.

[38]  Barry and Carmen are two happy campers.

[39]  Dick, David, and Mark don’t mind a little fresh air once in a while.

[40]  Pilar, Anne, and John enjoy being in the wilderness with the band.

[41]  Anne and John have been in the wilderness for many years.

[42]  Ptah likes the wilderness, too, as he guards his 10x4 group photo, complete with acrylic frame with triple-polished edges.

[43]  Vi and Jim sing “You Are My Sunshine.”

[44]  Reluctantly, Lee and Smiley witness the end of another great LTWCMB picnic!

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