New Year’s Party - 2022
San Carlos

January 8, 2022


What does a marching band do in the middle of winter? Well, we party, of course. This fine event was held at the American Legion Post 585 in San Carlos.

Many thanks to Trixie (aka Sueshi, or Sue) for sending the pictures!

[1]  Among the first arrivals were Jerry, Anne, and John. They were delighted to find the bar open!

[2]  Harvey and Chris are hoping we get a good turnout.

[3]  Commander Rich and Cyndi have been working on the room setup, and are now ready to party!

[4]  Party Mistress Ronni and Smiley can’t think of a better way to spend the evening!

[5]  Florence was in charge of decorations, and she created this display of trophies, ribbons, and other memorabilia from the past 62 years.

[6]  Here’s Doorman Doug (aka Drummer Doug), in charge of issuing pre-sold party tickets, drink tokens, and ticket sales to walk-in members.

[7]  Merele, Nancy, and Cutie Pie Jan are ready for some good music, food, and fun!

[8]  Ken and Cindy couldn’t be happier!

[9]  “Slim Jim” Smith is looking good!

[10]  Chris and Heather were on kitchen duty, helping prepare the wonderful buffet for us!

[11]  Ronni, Anne, and Smiley are feeling good!

[12]  Annie and Andrew wouldn’t miss this party for anything!

[13]  Our Ace photographer, Trixie (aka Sueshi or Sue) tries a selfie with Chris.

[14]  Elsa and Neil are ready for some music!

[15]  Chatty Kathy wore her best dress tonight!

[16]  Keltie and Ronni have the same idea.

[17]  Here we go!

[18]  Cindy is on first-chair piccolo.

[19]  Ken does a nice job on washboard.

[20]  Daryl is on tambourine.

[21]  Doorman Doug and Smiley are on snare and bass drums.

[22]  Florence plays snare to round out the percussion section.

[23]  Jake and Harvey on slide trombones.

[24]  Dick plays Eb tuba.

[25]  John makes a nice sound with two popsicle sticks and a rubber band.

[26]  Randy brought his baritone sax.

[27]  “Eyestrain” Jerry in on tenor.

[28]  Kiki loves to party with the band!

[29]  Rich always has a few serious announcements.

[30]  Ken and Cindy always pay attention.

[31]  Jan has her slide whistle decorated for the occasion.

[32]  Jo-Ellen takes her hat off so we can recognize her.

[33]  Smiley can always think of a suitable reason for a toast!

[34]  The girls love to sing with the band!

[35]  Chris appreciates the high ceiling for his Sousaphone.

[36]  Heather does a wonderful job twirling her baton.

[37]  Marilyn was a little late to the party, but she had a great time!

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