New Year’s Party - 2018
San Carlos

January 6, 2018


What does a marching band do in the middle of winter? Well, we party, of course. This fine event was held at the American Legion Post 585 in San Carlos.

Many thanks to Chris Heider for contributing most of the photos. Drummer Doug and Delightful Debbie also contributed a few, so noted in the captions.

[1]  Bee and Bob were one of the first arrivals, and they were happy to find that the bar was already open!

[2]  Jo-Ellen and Heather look great, and are ready to party.

[3]  Rich tries to get Harvey interested in a Mexican timeshare, but it’s a hard sell.

[4]  David is staying close to the steam table, in case the food shows up.

[5]  Jim and Rich welcome the new arrivals.

[6]  Our Party Planning Committee did a nice job with the table decorations!

[7]  Jo-Ellen is glad to see Ptah in his vicar outfit.

[8]  Harvey is ready to make some music!

[9]  Lou and Kiki discuss important events of the day.

[10]  We decide to warm up with a few tunes.

[11]  We had a good, well-balanced sound.

[12]  Everyone was either playing or singing!

[13]  Ken did a nice job on washboard.

[14]  Chris was happy to see the high ceiling at the post!

[15]  Neil plays first chair French horn with the band.

[16]  The sound was very impressive!

[17]  “A good band is hard to find,” they say, but this one is hard to beat!

[18]  Smiley and Patter anchor the percussion section.

[19]  These horns are serious! Bob, Rich, Harvey, and Hans.

[20]  Patti does a nice job twirling!

[21]  There’s nothing like music to whet the appetite.

[22]  Our captive audience enjoys the show!

[23]  Vinny on accordion, Delightful Debbie on Indigenous Peoples drum, Cindy on piccolo, Randy and Trixie on flutes, and Keltie on sax.

[24]  Pili, Heather, Ross, and drummer Doug are happy to be here tonight!

[25]  Ross plays xaphoon, but he is also a juggler. He just noticed the high ceiling, so he is happy.

[26]  Pili and Ross have a nice slide whistle-xaphoon duet routine...

[27]  ...including a vocal!

[28]  It’s a nice group!

[29]  Ross and Pili work the room.

[30]  Keltie and Trixie are lovin’ it!

[31]  Chris, as always, does a great job on Souzaphone.

[32]  It’s part of our surround-sound strategy.

[33]  Boris wasn’t interested in the timeshare, either.

[34]  Chris, Rich, and Boris wouldn’t miss the band party!

[35]  Marlene must be talking about genealogy with...

[36]  ...Barry, who spends a lot of time studying his ancestors.

[37]  Cindy, Carmen, Smiley, Ronni, and Jack enjoy some conversation before dinner.

[38]  Meanwhile, Boris, Debbie, and Jonathan are enjoying a little levity before dinner.

[39]  Meanwhile, Wild Bill heads to the bar for a quick one before dinner.

Now, we take a 90-minute break for dinner.

Choice of tri-tip or salmon entrée (or both)

No pictures were taken, however.

[40]  Penny and Heather enjoyed their dinner, and are ready for more music!

[41]  So, let’s go with a few moe tunes!

[42]  Cindy, Ken, and Dick join in.

[43]  Patti twirls for her favorite band.

[44]  Trixie (AKA Sueshi) is a happy girl!

[45]  It’s hard to find entertainment like this!

[46]  Everyone is pretty mellow at this point.

[47]  Cindy does a nice job on piccolo.

[48]  This band is sharp!

[49]  We’ve got the whole ensemble performing now; here’s the left side...

[50]  ...and here’s the right side. Nice sound!

[51]  Two happy customers!

[52]  Neil is telling Elsa that he doesn’t want to go home yet.

[53]  So, the band keeps playing into the night.

[54]  This is part of our surround-sound strategy.

[55]  Chico and Hans provide nice trumpet support.

[56]  Our vocals were on point for the party.

[57]  Nice baton finale.

[58]  Boris is proud to be part of the band!

[59]  Keltie is astonished at how good this band is!

[60]  You can’t buy music like this in the store.

[61]  Mark plays the glokenspiel with deliberation.

Mark also likes to think outside the box!

[62]  Heather takes Patti’s baton for a spin.

[63]  Ross gets into the act with his juggling routine.

[64]  From the gestures, I would guess we are playing “Bananas.”

[65]  Florence is having a great time!

[66]  Debbie joins the front line with her Indigenous Peoples drum.

[67]  The Haderle-Goyette table is enjoying the show!

[68]  Folks are starting to head for home after a wonderful evening.

[69]  One last tune!

[70]  Now we know who the hard core is: Squeezer, Hans, Bob, Patter, and Vinny!

[71-Doug]  Doug took this great shot of Lou, our oldest band member. He was about to turn 104 years old at the end of January.

[72-Doug]  Ptah and Doug are ready for anything!

[73-Doug]  Ptah always gets the pretty girls!

[74-Doug]  Well, maybe not always!

[75-Debbie]  Debbie and Jonathan celebrate the New Year.

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