Woodside May Day Parade
May 1, 2004

Part 1 of 2


(Many thanks to Mark Wade for the photos!)

Leyley makes her own fashion statement with her bead collection!

Diantha, Leyley and Sanna are all smiles and ready to celebate May Day!

Mark and Sanna enjoy the ambiance of the Woodside school parking lot.

Diantha and Mark are ready for the parade to start, and are both looking
forward to some fine dining at the garden of E. Rossitti after the parade.

Harvey, Leonard, and Boris brace themselves for the long march to Cañada Road and back.

Rod salutes the director, and is ready for duty!

Carmen, Barry, Smiley, and Chris guard the beer cart.

Diantha, Ronni, and Sanna add some class to the organization!

We run through a few tunes so we will be at our peak for the start of the parade.

Matt is our drum major for the day, demanding strict dicipline from all band members.

Jim Smith checks out the bead-wearing front line.

Stormin Norman tries to be a major contributor to the percussion section.

Diantha and Helen are ready for the big event!

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