Independence Day Parade
Redwood City
July 4, 2022


Band Party in Boulder Creek
July 16, 2022

Fellow Bandperson:            June 22, 2022

EVENT REPORT:   The Los Altos Pet parade went quite well. There was some confusion on our formation area, but all worked out and we did a fine job entertaining the assembled multitudes and pets of varied and assorted types. There were about 20 or so of us. After the parade we repaired to Ronni Haderle’s place for our standard after critter parade party. Ronni did an excellent job of hosting and the gang brought lots of victuals for our consumption. The weather was very good and the locals loved our short neighborhood parade. Many thanks for Ronni for being such a fine hostess.

NEXT UP:  After a two year hiatus the Redwood City Independence Day Parade will take place once again. It will be on Monday, July 4. We don’t know our starting position yet, so check the RSVP page for assembly point details and a handy map link for the day’s activities. The parade starts at Winslow and Marshall at 10:00 with our usual formation time of 0945 and ends at Arguello and Alden whenever.

We usually have around 60 bandpersons on hand for this event. We obviously are quite incredible in what is usually our finest performance of the year. With such a large group, we frequently play several tunes simultaneously. To avoid that it is very important that everyone passes the tune back when the drum major announces it. Another problem is that the band tends to get stretched out. Therefore, please try to stay together with some semblance of rows and columns. Once we were penalized for being out of step (everyone actually is in his/her own step -- how can we be out of step). We are not sure about our after parade activities, but something wonderful will ensue.

Those who need charts should have our patriotic stuff ready. The main ones that we will definitely play in the parade and after parade are:

BATTLE HYMN (Battle Hymn of the Republic)
CALIFORNIA (California Here I Come)
HAPPY DAYS (Happy Days Are Here Again)
MILITARY MEDLEY (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard)
STAR SPANGLED BANNER [our last tune - no vocal]
WALK RIGHT IN [our first tune]

 After the parade:

AMERICA (America The Beautiful)
OVER THERE (Study the words - we usually get them wrong)

There are vocals for all except the Military Medley and Star Spangled Banner.

Several of our members like to attend the fireman's pancake breakfast before the parade. Show up at 755 Marshall at 0730 hours or a bit later, and breakfast will be waiting for a mere $6. Good parking near there as well.

AFTER NEXT UP;  Tracy Goyette, daughter of long-time band members Barry and Carmen (Diane), will host a party for the band at the family home in Boulder Creek on July 16. At some point in the afternoon, we will do a short parade downtown to entertain the locals. All band members are welcome! Check the RSVP page for the details.

RSVP:  It is important that everyone RSVP for ALL band events so we can plan for the best possible experience for everyone. RSVP WHETHER OR NOT you are planning to show up. Your negative response is just as important as a positive one. The RSVP site includes details for our next events. Do it NOW, while you are thinking of it! RSVP HERE:

T-SHIRTS:  David sez: “David will not be at the parade, so T-Shirts are only available by mail. Still free, but postage and handling is about $7 per shirt. Very limited choices in sizes, both yellow and green (mostly Mens smalls, medium, and a few 3XL) plus a few very old white children size shirts that could be cut-up for badges or something - they do have some discolorations. Contact David at for further info.”

HELP WANTED:  Like any well-run organization, we are always looking for talented band members to join our Executive Committee and act as alternates or potential successors to “senior” members in key positions. Examples are: Drum Major, Director, Beer Cart Custodian, and Irregular Events Manager. If you are interested, inquire here:

EVENT SUGGESTIONS:  We are always looking for new ways to get together to share our musical talents with each other and with the public. Email Harvey or Smiley with your best ideas.

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FUTURE EVENTS:  The list of future events includes those events that are confirmed. Detailed information on each event is normally sent out a few days before the event.

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CHARTS ON THE WEB:  Thanks to our chartmaster, Chris Quinn, we have a good collection of charts available. You have to enter a name/password to view the charts on the website (, so just enter "charts" for both the name and password. The site also includes a list of almost all tunes we have played and the words for most of our regular tunes.

Don “Smiley” Nelson - Correspondent