Independence Day Parade
Redwood City

July 4, 2016


It was perfect marching weather for the Independence Day Parade this year! We had a good turnout, and everyone had a good time. We won FIRST PLACE in the Community Band category, and FIRST PLACE in the Drum Major category!

We have three photo contributors for this event: Captain John Dovano, Neil Pering, and Judi Basolo. Enjoy the pics!

[001-John]  Anne, John, Del, and Captain John are ready for the big parade!

[002-John]  Stars and stripes are the order of the day!

[003-John]  Carmen is ready to wail!

[004-John]  Vinny enjoys the perfect marching weather.

[005-John]  Art is our first chair bass drum player today.

[006-Neil]  Neil and Elsa add some class to our act!

[007-Neil]  I like the “Four Roses” on Art’s drum!

[008-Neil]  The sounds of tuning up fill the air.

[009-Neil]  “Looking at the world through beer-colored glasses.”

[010-Judi]  Judi takes a nice selfie of herself (obviously) and Jimmy.

[011-Judi]  OK, so here is a solo selfie!

[012-Judi]  Even this feline enjoys good music!

[013-Judi]  Drum major Rich is feeling the tension before the big parade!

[014-Judi]  Our warm-up numbers sound good!

[015-Judi]  Dick’s tuba flag mount should win us a few points...

[016-Judi]  ...but this drum mount is nice, too!

[017-Judi]  Heather, our new twirler, has a terrific dual-baton routine!

[018-Judi]  Keltie and Judi are all smiles.

[019-Judi]  Heather and Chris are ready to step off.

[020-Judi]  After the parade, we relax at Bobby D’s Lounge.

[021-Judi]  This band sounds good indoors, too!

[022-Judi]  Cindy and Jack are releasing a few endorphins!

[023-Judi]  I guess Jack told one too many piccolo jokes.

[024-Judi]  Anne is looking for the beer cart.

[025-Judi]  A great way to end a wonderful parade day!

[026-Judi]  Cyndi, Jack and Doug don’t want to leave.

[027-Judi]  Rich wants to play one more tune!

[028-Judi]  Anne does a nice job on her Bb slide whistle!

But wait, there’s more! John also took a video clip at Bobby D’s, and we have two YouTube selections from the parade this year (see below).

Thanks to Captain John for sending in this video!

The band comes in at 6:45 in this YouTube video.

The band comes in at 16:02 in this YouTube video.

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