Independence Day Parade
Redwood City

July 4, 2011


Our biggest parade of the year is the Redwood City Independence Day Parade.

The following photos were contributed by Allan Wilson, David Silverman, Doug Anderson, and Rick Haderle.

[Allan-001]  We found a shady spot to assemble before the parade.

[Allan-003]  Patti and Ptah compare notes.

[Allan-004]  Carmen and new member Charlie Chin hum a few bars.

[Allan-005]  Elsa, Dick and Neil guard the beer cart.

[Allan-006]  It was easy to find us on Winslow.

[Allan-007]  David poses with new member Theo.

[Allan-008]  Theo, David, Ben, and Barry relax before the parade.

[Allan-009]  Marc and Rudy look forward to the big event.

[Allan-010]  Kitty is at her patriotic best today!

[Allan-011]  Even Dave is spangled today.

[Allan-013]  Many folks have arrived, including Peaceful George with his wooden nametag.

[Allan-014]  Smiley has been working on his drum trolley for some time now,
and he is confident that his new modifications will survive the big test today.

[Allan-015]  Rich has added “Caution” tape to his mace for better visibility.

[Allan-017]  Wendy, Jeanette and Ivan are excited to be with the LTWCMB today!


[Allan-020]  Jimmy is saving energy.

[Allan-021]  Greg and Carmen engage in sax talk.

[Allan-022]  Marc and George have a peaceful discussion.

[Allan-023]  Fay and Jan get ready for showtime.

[Allan-024]  Donna and Marty celebrate Independence Day with the band!

[Allan-025]  Carpy and Ross from our juggling division warm up before the big event.

[Allan-026]  It looks like we are ready to step off.

[Allan-027]  And here we go!

[David-001]  Dave in a partiotic pose.

[David-002]  Rich and Donna give us a smile!

[David-003]  Ken demonstrates his cymbal hat to Neil.

[David-004]  Allan and Kitty are showing the colors today.

[David-005]  A fine group on a fine occasion!

[David-006]  Everyone is warming up.

[David-007]  We were happy to see new member Ben Jaffe!

[David-008]  Ben and David are all smiles!

[David-009]  Bruce decided on a “mixed” theme today!

[David-010]  Smiley and Ben are ready to march!

[David-011]  New member Charlie Chin is all tuned up!

[David-012]  Jan, Donna, and Marty are ready to entertain the fans.

[David-013]  Greg is hot to toot!

[David-014]  Anne and Paul have been in the band since 1974!

[David-015]  Paul brought his own whistle, in case he decides to take matters into his own hands.

[David-017]  Smiley at the ready.

[David-019]  Ben is ready to have some fun.

[David-020]  Marc is playing under wind power.

[David-021]  Boris forgot to bring his patriotic outfit today.

[David-022]  The trumpet line will be real strong today!

[David-023]  Raggs has taught Ptah some new tricks!

[David-024]  This one-foot number isn’t easy!

[David-025]  Lois, Jo-Ellen, and Dave never distance themselves too far from the beer cart!

[David-026]  David and Theo think it’s a great day to be in the band!

[David-027]  Smiley and David are looking good.

[Doug-001]  With his new drum trolley apparatus, Smiley can talk on the phone at the same time!

[Doug-002]  Merele and Lou beat the heat with a parasol.

[Doug-003]  Dueling tubas, David and Ben, are a great asset to the brass section!

[Doug-004]  Emperor Norton (aka Rudy) and Jo-Ellen take a spin in a golf cart!

[Doug-005]  Here is the scene in the Broadway Lounge after the parade.

[Doug-006]  Fay and Doug have their own parade outside the Broadway!

[Rick-001]  Pilar says, “What’s in this red cup, anyway?”

[Rick-002]  Ptah and John Hayden discuss physics.

[Rick-003]  New member Sue Mahoney joins Mo and Frank, back near the beer cart!

[Rick-004]  Guess who?

[Rick-005]  Dave, Carmen and Keltie are poised and ready to move.

[Rick-007]  At last, we are on our way with a band as far as the eye can see!

[Rick-008]  Looking good.

[Rick-012]  George displays his new name badge.

[Rick-013]  We had around 85 participants this year.

[Rick-014]  Ginnie and Kathy add a little to class to our act.




[Rick-019]  Jo-Ellen and Sara Sue do a great job with the banner!

[Rick-020]  A twirler conference in progress.


[Rick-022]  Jack is all smiles.

[Rick-023]  Anne talks to Anne.

[Rick-024]  Greg is ready.

[Rick-025]  Stew, with his marching toms, can’t wait to get started!

[Rick-026]  Charles (left) came all the way from Germany for an American beer!

[Rick-027]  Jack, Roz, and Dick are ready to march!

[Rick-028]  Steve (left) joined us a little late.

[Rick-029]  Chico never strays too far from the cart.

[Rick-030]  Jimmy is celebrating his independence today.

[Rick-031]  Paul and Stu are serious snare drummers.

[Rick-032]  Marilyn and Max are two of our best sax players.

[Rick-033]  Ken on washboard/cymbals and Dick on Tuba.

[Rick-034]  Bambi on washboard and Suzie Q on snare.

[Rick-035]  John Hayden prefers aluminum funnels.

[Rick-036]  Imagine, 51 years!


[Rick-038]  Cindy’s piccolo can be heard far and wide!

[Rick-039]  Vinny on accordion and Jack on trombone.

[Rick-040]  Jack is sounding good!

[Rick-041]  Delightful Debbie is having a great time.

[Rick-042]  Chris and Suzie-Q are long-time band members.

[Rick-043]  Max didn’t get the memo about red, white, and blue today.






[Rick-049]  At last, the end of the parade and our rendition of “The Star Spangled Banner.”


[Rick-051]  Rick and Hans agree, it was the best parade ever!

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