Independence Day Parade - 2009
Redwood City, California
July 4, 2009


We had a great time in Redwood City this year!
We received photos from five different contributors, shown below:

Many thanks to Allan Wilson, who sent in the following group of photos!

1. Nancy and Marlene are ready for the big event!

2. Neil wonders what that camera is doing on Dick’s head.

3. Lois takes a snapshot of Delightful Debbie and Keven.

4. George and Charlie do a nice job in the string section.

5. Kitty, Marc and Keltie get their axes ready.

6. Austin, Joey, and Vinny discuss world events.

7. What’s a beer cart without pretzels?

8. Lois has been working on her dancing routines all week.

9. Kitty helps Fay with her wardrobe malfunction.

10. Austin, who just got married recently, takes a shot.

11. Cyndi is dressed like a real patriot today!

12. George adjusts his hat for the mid-day sun.

13. Paul makes a minor adjustment to his calrinet.

14. Vinny keeps the power pole in check.

15. Carmen is red, white, and blue all over.

16. Kitty and Carmen express their happiness to be in the best band in the West.

17. Donna has a couple of nice maracas!

18. Don and Cindy are happy to be Americans today.

19. Dave manages to handle his beer and Sousaphone real well.

20. Keven demonstrates his new spring drum, to the amazement of the other band members.

21. The homes near the assembly area were appropriately decorated.

22. Helen, Don, and Gail believe what Jim is telling them.

23. Donna and Marty can’t wait for the parade to start.

24. It’s getting close to step-off time, and our folks are almost ready.

25. Jan is all red, white, and blue today!

26. Nancy and Kitty compare notes.

27. Austin picks up a few fine points on the piccolo from Roz.

28. Brian is looking sharp today!

29. Honey wants to know if Drummer Doug will keep the percussion section on tempo today.

30. Miss Molly thinks we look great through those rose-colored glasses!

31. Jimmy can’t wait to toot his horn.

32. Anne remembers when we were all just a bunch of kids!

33. Anne tells Marilyn about the good old days!

34. Marge is checking out her video camera before our biggest parade of the year.

35. Jeanne and Patti wait for the roll-off.

36. Fay warms up her wrist action ...

37. and practices a few high-steps, too.

38. Vinny plays a few tunes for his mascot.

39. The social hub of the band is the beer cart, of course.

Many thanks to Brian McBride for sending in the following group of photos!

40. Brian and Marlene are looking sharp today!

41. Carmen and Marlene appreciate their good fortune to be members of the LTWCMB!

42. Jimmy offers Cyndi a drink, as Linda looks on.

43. I guess she liked it!


45. Criag and our new fiddle player, Rudy, run through a favorite tune.

46. Our two twirlers, Fay and Patti, set the tone for our band.

47. Sara Sue and Jeanne carry the banner at this point.

48. Kitty laughs as Linda shakes her tambourine.

49. Mo wore her running shoes today!

50. Paul amuses himself easily.

51. Carpy takes up a clarinet, just to see how the other half lives.

52. The percussion section gets organized.

53. These ladies on the float wish they were in our band.

54. Smiley, Carpy and Jack tell a few lies.

Many thanks to Drummer Doug for sending in the following group of photos!

55. Chico and Rudy warm up.

56. Keltie and Vinny sense that the parade is about to step off.

57. Miss Molly and Joey enjoy a shady spot.

58. Smiley and Lee make a lovely couple!

59. Boris checks out the scene at the Broadway Bar after the parade.

60. Patti encounters a former student on the sidewalk.

61. We give the Broadway Bar patrons a good show.

62. Joey takes a solo ...

63. ... and so does Rich.

64. Jack gets a mellow sound with his eyes closed.

65. Jimmy rounds out the trumpet section.

66. Meanwhile, Dave clutches a half-empty beer cup.

67. Keltie wails away in the Broadway Bar.

68. Randy is is good form on his Baritone Sax.

69. Well, no band is complete without a shimmy dancer, so Delightful Debbie fills the bill!

Many thanks to Jo-Ellen for sending in the following group of photos!

70. Joey, Vinny, and Keven are happy to be with their favorite band toiday.

71. Honey and Sara Sue always celrbrate Independence day with the band.

72. Barry and Jim want to be on their best behavior as we pass the judging stand today. It’s tough.

73. Our Number 225, Jo-Ellen, proudly holds up one end of the banner.

74. Jan wears a new sharp-looking outfit today!

75. Patti and Fay, our dual dueling twirlers, practice their routines.

76. Everyone relaxes after the parade.

77. Rudy, a banjo player with our band since 1989, is having a great time!

78. Bruce and Carmen do a great job on a vocal at the Broadway Bar.

79. Nancy joined the band this year and is enjoying herself at the Broadway Bar.

80. Allen and Nancy enjoy the patriotic tunes we play for the vets who congregate at the bar.

81. Smiley keeps the beat on his bass drum.

82. Craig is doing great on his amplified fiddle.

83. Jimmy takes it easy at the Broadway.

84. Jack likes to celebrate his independence by playing patriotic tunes.

85. Joey joins in.

86. Drummer Doug suffers from a little headgear misalignment, but otherwise is in good spirits!

87. Suzie Q is delighted to be in the percussion section.

Many thanks to Barry for sending in the following group of photos!

88. Marty and Donna are ready for action!

89. Don, “Three-Eyed” Dick, and Neil contribute to the band’s unique sound!

90. Ken gets a kick out of Cindy!

91. Kay, Loren, Rich and Cyndi are as independent as they come!

92. Smiley and Harvey reflect on the past 49.5 years of the band’s existence.

93. Gail and Don are happy to be here!

94. Joey explains to new-member Keven how the band works.

95. Patti, Jan, and Keltie are all smiles.

96. Here is the fiddle section again, all tuned up and ready to go!

97. Fay strikes a pose for the camera.

98. Rags likes to dress up for the parades, just like his master, Ptah.

99. You couldn’t ask for a happier pair than Jack and Vinny.

100. Ellen and Steve wouldn’t miss the Redwood City parade!

101. Bob and Carlene are all wired for success!

102. Greg and his Buddy brought a solar powered tree, driving a fan.

103. We are about ready to rumble!

104. Jo-Ellen and Patti lead the way!

105. Vinny provides a brief interlude on his accordion.

106. As the sun sinks slowly in the West, the band heads for home.

And finally, we received a note from fan Jack Kenny, with a couple of links to his
Independence Day photos for 2009 and 2008. Check ’em out!

Here is a sample from his 2009 collection: our own Lydia Bernard!

If you still have an appetite for more,   here is a movie  for your enjoyment!

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