Historic Zott’s Rehearsal - 1960
Portola Valley, California


The Los Trancos Woods Community “Marching” Band was founded on New Year’s Day in 1960 by marching around “the circle” in Los Trancos Woods. Shortly thereafter, we began looking for parades and other venues to display our talents. One of our favorite spots to practice was Rossotti’s, close to our ancestral home. These photos were taken in early 1960.

1. From our executive offices in Los Trancos Woods, the two closest watering holes for the band were
Rossotti‘s and Mama Garcia’s. In the early days, we would go to Zott’s for practice.

2. Harvey on trombone, Al “The Kid” Hall on trombone, and Bill Carroll on tuba.

3. Here’s the better side of Al Dodworth on gut bucket, Unknown on brushes, Ray Funkhouser on clarinet, and Doug Newton on trombone.

4. Al on gut bucket, Unknown on trumpet, Ray on clarinet, George Strom playing cymbals with a Craftsman screwdriver,
Doug Newton on trombone, Harvey on trombone, Kid Hall on trombone,
Ben Gold giving us some encouragement, and Bill Carroll on tuba.

5. Here are the same characters, plus John Frankenstein on bass drum.

6. Bill DeArmond on snare, and we notice the unusual detail of John Frankenstein’s
beer bottle drum mallet and George’s Craftsman screwdriver.

7. In the audience, we see Les Wayne, Pete FitzGerald, Ben Gold, and an anonymous co-ed.

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