St. Patrick's Day
March 19, 1978


Thanks to Dave Richoux for unearthing these photos of the San Francisco St. Patrick’s Day parade in 1978!

1. No, this isn't our beer cart, but Stevie Costell is wearing a helmet
and Patty Edwards is wearing the white dress.

2. Here's Dave, sporting his new "semiconductor" hat.


4. Gail Delaney is on the left, but the red-haired
gentleman who appears to be levitating is unknown.


6. Here is Arf, keeping the troops in line.

7. Hugh Smith is in fine form!


9. Gail Delaney is on washborard with her daughter, Denise, on tambourine.

10. Dave looks sharp with his multiple medals and creased pants!

11. Cindy is wearing purple tights, Hawkeye is plaing snare,
and Stevie is playing miniature bugle.

If YOU have some parade photos to share, let us know!

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