Italian Heritage (Columbus Day) Parade
October 12, 2003

Many thanks to Judi Basolo for sending in the photos!

Juergen and Judi "warm up" for the day ahead!

Juergen has just received a field promotion to Beer Cart Pusher, and he is ecstatic!

Harvey and Ptah confer about strategy for the day.

Vinnie is our "first chair" accordian player.

Keltie is color-coordinated for the occasion.

Happy Howard is making Kitty an offer she can’t refuse.

Renate and Juergen are having a great time.

Juergen tends to his duties at the beer cart.

Jim and Judi are in good spirits for Fleet Week and Columbus Day.

Our first stop after the parade was the WashBAG for a few tunes and some suds.
Rose and Matt join in the music-making.

Gail adds to the performance with her pizza-tambourine.

Judi says it’s a great day to be Italian!

We had to compete with the Blue Angels, but we held our own!

Here’s Bobby Brand, a new recuit!

We were fortunate to stumble into "Rogue," a new bar
at Union and Powell. Here is Russ Menegat, the manager.

Our final stop was Gino & Carlo, favorite spot over the years.

We all had a great time, and look forward to next year!

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