Columbus Day Parade
(AKA Italian Heritage Parade)
San Francisco

October 7, 2012


It was a georgous day in The City for the 144th Columbus Day Parade, aka Italian Heritage Parade. There were an extra one million visitors in San Francisco this year due to multiple simultaneous events being held. For us, we had lots of spectators!

We have three photo contributors for this event: Allan Wilson, David Silverman, and Doug Anderson. Enjoy the pics!

[01-allan]  Neil and Harvey review our marching orders for the day.

[02-allan]  Kitty and Pilar are happy to be in The City today, enjoying the perfect weather with their bandmates.

[03-allan]  Boris tells Drummer Doug all about his new smart phone.

[04-allan]  Merele and Lou are ready to go!

[05-allan]  Ross and Neil will laugh at anything.

[06-allan]  What is Boris thinking?

[07-allan]  Ptah tells Drummer Doug about his secret bowling technique.

[08-allan]  Doug and Pilar enjoy the moment.

[09-allan]  David warms up with a few low notes.

[10-allan]  Doug is always on the lookout for prospective new band members, and today is no exception!

[11-allan]  Florence enjoys the warm sun and catches a few winks before the parade begins.

[12-allan]  Carbon Buildup adds a little class to the band today.

[13-allan]  Patti and Lou are in good spirits!

[14-allan]  Bob likes to tell Cyndi jokes about trombone players.

[15-allan]  Raggs just got a haircut.

[16-allan]  Jack and Ptah work out the details of their trombone/bamboo flute duet, planned for later in the day.

[17-allan]  Jan is in her finest pirate costume today!

[18-allan]  Talent scout Doug found this new percussion player today!

[19-allan]  Speaking of percussion, Allan is playing dual tambourines today.

[20-allan]  Jerry says beer is good for the eyes.

[21-allan]  Jo-Ellen tells Doug about how much she enjoys carrying the banner.

[22-allan]  Jan and Fay have been working on their routines all summer long.

[23-allan]  Most of the band has arrived by now, and tension is in the air.

[24-allan]  The sax section is complete, now that Keltie has arrived!

[25-allan]  It’s a great day to be Italian!

[26-allan]  Our youngest trumpet player, Anders, thinks our band is cool.

[27-allan]  Happy Howard and Jack love the sound of a yellow trombone!

[28-allan]  Doug and Debbie can’t think of a better place to be today!

[29-allan]  David, Ptah and Erik warm up before we step off.

[30-allan]  The brass is sounding good.

[31-allan]  Smith wears his colors today.

[32-allan]  Dick and Jimmy swap a few lies.

[33-david]  That old song, “Tubas in the Sunlight.”

[34-david]  Biermeister Barry is pleased with our turnout today.

[35-david]  CB loves his marching baritone.

[36-david]  Bob checks out his lip.

[37-david]  Mark has a bit of a glow today, don’t you think?

[38-david]  Merele and Fay are ready for the parade to start.

[39-david]  Dave is trying to sell something to Ptah, but Ptah isn’t convinced yet.

[40-allan]  The unit following us was a fleet of Segways in various colors. They would often “swing and sway” as we played.

[41-david]  Harvey and Honey enjoy the spectacle.

[42-david]  Carmen and our new kazoo player want the parade to start!

[43-david]  Patti, Harvey and Kitty are enjoying the Blue Angels flying overhead, as part of the Fleet Week activities.

[44-david]  We think 62 is our lucky number.

[45-david]  Neil polished his horn for the occasion!

[46-david]  Dave and Chris are the stalwarts of our tuba scetion.

[47-doug]  It sounds like a Bb kazoo to me!

[48-doug]  Kitty and Allan wouldn’t miss this parade for anhything!

[49-doug]  Fay has her routines down pat.

[50-doug]  Pirates have all the fun!

[51-doug]  Have you heard any good tuba jokes lately?

[52-doug]  Happy Howard never misses a Columbus Day parade!

[53-doug]  Marko played bass drum today.

[54-doug]  Jerry and Carmen honk for us.

[55-doug]  Anders looks cool, like a trumpet player should!

[56-doug]  Our well-decorated senior banner-carrier, Jo-Ellen, is ready to step off for the big parade.

[57-doug]  Biermeister Barry is pleased that the beer has not run out yet.

[58-doug]  Carmen is in good spirits, as always.

[59-doug]  Tim is ready to play trumpet today with his favorite band!

[60-doug]  Bambi worked hard on that hat, and it looks good!

[61-doug]  The Segways were practicing their maneuvers with our musical accompaniment.

[62-doug]  To each his own.

[63-david]  It’s time to form up and step off!

[64-david]  Tuba Dave can honk without his horn!

[65-david]  Sara Sue is all smiles.

[66-allan]  As the units were merging into the parade lineup, we encountered one of our competing bands, The Humboldt State Marching Lumberjacks!

[67-allan]  Naturally, some hijinks ensued.

[68-allan]  Fortunately, our rivalry is a friendly one (our players use a different kind of axe).

[69-allan]  So, we played a tune with them.

[70-doug]  This is Bender, joining us from the Burning Band, and having a good time.

[71-doug]  Anne has been with the band for only 32 years, but she is starting to get used to us!

[72-doug]  The parade is over, and Anne and Bambi thought we sounded good today.

[73-doug]  Cyndi thought so, too.

[74-doug]  Captain Rich was our drum major today!

[75-doug]  Erik and Anders had a great time.

[76-doug]  Brian says, “Well done!”

[77-doug]  Marlene says, “Well done!”

[78-doug]  All together, now!

[79-doug]  Fans of the LTWCMB were out in full force today!

[80-doug]  Mark is ready to relax after our performance.

[81-doug]  Carbon Buildup is on his way to the Burning Man Decompression event, also being held today.

[82-doug]  Patti changes into more comfortable footwear!

[83-doug]  Meanwhile, the Blue Angels continue their aerial acrobatics as we conclude a fun day in The City!

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