LTWCMB Celebration Party
May 12, 2007
Eagles Hall, Redwood City

Part 1


Part 1 - Steve’s Party Photos (this page)

Part 2 - Barry’s Party Photos

Part 3 - (coming soon)

(Many thanks to Steve for the great photos!)

Well, we couldn’t have a party without the beer cart close by, could we?

Party Mistress Carmen did a fine job of decorating the tables!

Florence was in good spirits, and ready to party.

Smiley was fit for the occasion, and was available for autographs all evening.

John has a long history with the band.

Many thanks to Party Mistress Cindy for helping to make the evening a success!

Barry, Chico and Smiley remember the old days!

Bill and Jim contemplate the next big band party, our 50th Anniversary, less than 3 years from now!

Cindy and Phil discuss artichokes.

Party Mistress Carmen, Bruce, and Cecily chat in front of a display of band memorabilia, collected over the past 47 years.

Jim is happy to be a part of the band, even though he joined only recently.

Delightful Debbie is ready to party!

The hors d’oeuvres hour was enjoyed by everyone!

Miss Connie remembers the early days of the band!

Jimmy contemplates all the good times with the band!

Chris enjoys a long history with the band, and is ready to tell anyone all about it!

Sueshi smiles, as she remembers the old times!

Keltie, Patti, and Rogene are in a party mood!

Photographer Steve and Ellen have been faithful band members for many years!

John and Chico enjoy the slide show of the band’s history,
projected onto the big screen.

Carpy and Valerie, to be married in June (2007), are happy to be a part of the celebration.

Even Ptah is still in good shape after all these years!

Linda is taking the time to smell the flowers.

Marlene and Debbie are all smiles.

Even George gets into the act!

Joan and Jim watch themselves and their friends in the historical slide show.

Smiley and Steve are feeling no pain.

Sueshi and Smiley experience togetherness.

Bert gets a little fresh air in the parking lot.

Meanwhile, Sueshi and Boris play games out by the dumpster.

All’s well that ends well!

Barbara enjoyed being with band again.

Chris contemplates a suitable response.

Cecily watches, as Barbara hugs Ptah.

Everyone enjoyed the pre-dinner slide show!

David, Boris, and Slide discuss homeland security, and what it means to the band.

Jim Smith continues the search for his long-ago lost marbles.

David, Carpy, and Chris pose for a “candid” shot.

Debbie and George enjoy the moment.

Dave and Carpy compare embouchures.

Diantha, Carmen, and Cindy put on a good show!

One more time!

Dinner is served!

The banner provides a colorful backdrop for the after-dinner progam.

Cindy wears her best heaadgear for the occasion!

More lasagna, anyone?

Mr. Harvey kicks off the program.

Stew Gillmor talks about the early origins of the band, before its founding in 1960.

Carpy and Valerie enjoy their last month of single life.

Take two!

Cecily created this truly amazing cake for the occasion!

David and Pilar join in for some home-made music after the show.

Ross brought his musical balls along to create an authentic experience.

Paul and Jim join in the chorus.

Steve ensures that Homeland Security is available to protect the band during the party.

Ptah and Steve are in good form.

Ptah looks forward to the band’s golden anniversary party in less than three years.

Barry, Florence, and Washboard Kitty do a great job in the percussion section!

Dave manages to do horn and stick at the same time.

Carmen and John share a good laugh.

George has a few well-chosen words.

We all had fun putting the party together, and now we can enjoy it!

Ross tests Newton’s theories.

Ellen keeps the beat.

The top of the cake is all that remains!

Boris is trying to convince Fay that he should join the twirling section.

Two of our photographers, Steve and Sueshi, help with the clean-up.

It was a great party, one that will be long remembered!

Part 1 - Steve’s Party Photos (this page)

Part 2 - Barry’s Party Photos

Part 3 - (coming soon)

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