Castroville Artichoke Parade and Festival
May 18, 2008


Many thanks to Doug and Jo-Ellen for sending in the photos!

Despite the early 0945 hours starting time for the parade,
the band arrived in plenty of time to relax and watch the other units pass by.

After the parade, Carmen takes care of the first order of business.

Artichokes were everywhere! Jo took a liking to this funny green character.

Paul, Paul, and Florence jam away in Mike’s Baseball Bar after the parade.

Jerry and Doug enjoy a break on the greensward outside of Mike’s.

Paul, Biermeister Barry and Smiley enjoy some refreshment between sets at Mike’s.

Peaceful George and Ptah enjoy the beautiful Castroville weather.

Jimmy has both hands full here, as he clutches his two best friends!

Meanwhile, Marge catches a few Z’s on the bench next door.

Our trumpet players seem to get ALL the attention!

So, we climb back on the bus and head for home after a fun day of parading,
eating artichokes and barbecue at the Festival, and carousing at Mike’s.
But a new adventure was in store for us, as the bus pulled off the road with an engine breakdown!

Dave and Barry contemplate the gravity of the situation as the beer keg runs dry and the bus is immobilized.

Ptah and Bert assess the situation, as the bus driver foolishly allows them access to the engine compartment.

Patti thinks that the fate of the bus is in good hands and decides to take a nap.

Ptah and Bert look for a quick fix, as our troops check out the neighborhood.

These refugees test the strength of the fence, as Boris (far left) receives an inspiration about how to fix the bus.

Frank and Carmen make the best of the situation out behind the fence.

Meanwhile, Happy Howard uses the downtime to sell some encyclopedias.

With no beer or food for pacification, most of us enjoyed the sun at our backs and contemplated what was to come.

The answer came soon enough, as Smiley had talked a local rancher into driving him to the nearest package store for refreshments.

The rancher, with his bluetooth headset, didn’t seem to mind that we were poaching on his land.

Leonora expresses gratitude to the rancher for taking Smiley to the package store.

Meanwhile, Jim engages the rancher’s horse in conversation.

Although we don’t have a photo of it, Boris removed the boot from the throttle linkage
and used a piece of bailing wire to fix the severed throttle cable and
enabled us to get back on the road and reach home safely.

A truly remarkable achievement!
The total delay from the breakdown was less than an hour!

If YOU have some parade photos to share, let us know!

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