Historic Boulder Creek Parade - 1961
Boulder Creek, California


The Los Trancos Woods Community “Marching” Band was founded on New Year’s Day in 1960 by marching around “the circle” in Los Trancos Woods. Shortly thereafter, we began looking for parades and other venues to display our talents. One of our earliest parades was the “Boulder Creek Days” Parade. Band member Richard Arjo had an uncle who owned a saloon in town, and he was eager to give us a chance at the big-time.

1. So, here we are in Boulder Creek, ready for some big-time exposure for our fledgling band.

2. Smiley alerts the locals that something big is about to happen.

3. Meanwhile, Harvey and Teddy Ballard assess the competition from outside Arjo’s grandfather’s saloon.

4. The big parade begins!

5. Arjo’s grandfather was so proud of young Richard’s band, that he personally became our drum major!
Here we have Bill Rhoades (the B.M.) on baritone horn and Bob Bass and Jim Harvey on trombones in the first row;
Unknown, Hugh Smith, and Teddy Ballard in the second row;
Bob White, Linda Arjo, and Peggy Basin in the third row;
and Smiley on bass drum.

6. In the last row we see Bill Carroll on tuba, Dutch on snare, and Smiley on bass drum.

7. That’s Arjo on trumpet, and Hugh and Teddy on banjos.

8. Here, we “walk right out” on our after-parade saloon crawl. Harvey and Arjo are in the doorway and Mim Klein is on baton.

9. After a successful public performance, we head back to Los Trancos Woods for some therapeutic self-entertainment.

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