1987 Annual Rehearsal
Steve and Ellen’s Place
February 8, 1987

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Ptah bought a new camcorder back in 1985 or so, and only recently uncovered some old tapes taken when the unit was still a novelty.

Lucky for us, one of the tapes was recorded at the 1987 Annual Rehearsal!

The tape itself is a little tedious to watch for more that a few times in a row, so here are some stills taken from this historic video for your amusement.

[13] Arf arrives at the rehearsal, ready to give some serious musical instruction.

[14] Chico joins the group in the parking lot, studying his charts in great anticipation!

[15] Joey alights from his vehicle after a precision parking job.

[16] David Richoux and Patty Edwards produce big smiles for the camera.

[17] Patty can’t wait to get started!

[18] Here’s Steve, our host, with a welcome smile!

[19] Here’s Hawkeye, the first to settle in at the bar. The rehearsal started out in
Steve and Ellen’s basement rumpus room.

[20] Here’s Hugh Smith and Al Watson -- two fine musicians from the early years.

[21] Ptah is all set, with his puca-shell necklace for good luck!

[22] ??

[23] Paul Edwards arrives with a few refreshments.

[24] Arf sizes up the group, as we approach a quorum.

[24A] Here comes George, in his custom Rollswagen sedan.

[24B] This beauty really improved George’s social life!

[24C] Florence looks on in admiration.

[25] Our first-chair banjo, Peaceful George, is in good spirits.

[26] Smiley arrives with the beer and his drum, so we can officially start now.

[27] Tom Smith is ready to learn the new tune for the day, “Sweet Georgia Brown.”

[28] ??

[29] Arf attemmpts to establish control and to get the show on the road!

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