Independence Day Parade
Redwood City

July 4, 2012


We had perfect weather for the Fourth of July parade in Redwood City!

Three folks contributed pictures for the parade this year: Doug Anderson, Allan Wilson, and Art Wagner. Many thanks for sharing these great shots!

We learned that our band won FIRST PLACE in the “Community Band” category, and our drum major also won FIRST PLACE in his category. A wonderful day on all counts!

[01]  Nancy arrives early, looking her patriotic best for the group picture scheduled for today.

[02]  We assemble in Mezes Park for the photo shoot. The last time we did this was on July 4, 2000.

[03]  Drummer Doug is the master photographer today.

[04]  Rounding up the troops is not easy.

[05]  Finally, the winning shot is achieved. We did a little subsequent artistic work on it, and it now appears along with the 2000 group shot here:

[06]  After the group photo, we assume our position an Winslow with the other units.

[07]  Ross tunes up his juggling act before the main event.

[08]  Passing the time is easy with good friends and refreshments.

[09]  Pilar is happy to be with the band.

[10]  Austin and Kitty are long-time band members.

[11]  Baritone horn player Jan is also a long-time band member, returning to celebrate her “independence.”

[12]  Fay, Ken, and Jan discuss their routines.

[13]  Kennedy and Mahoney make a great pair!

[14]  Sara Sue and right-wing banner carrier Jo-Ellen take care of business.

[15]  Hans makes a last-minute adjustment on his hat.

[16]  David and Marilyn are ready to play!

[17]  Sue celebrates her independence!

[18]  Fay is ready to twirl!

[19]  Sara Sue is tuned up, ready to go!

[20]  Chuck is looking good!


[22]  Jan is happy to be back!

[23]  Harvey looks a little excited, too.

[24]  Jimmy loves Independence Day!

[25]  Vinny got a new icon for his cap.

[26]  What’s in this drink?

[27]  John is happy to celebrate his independence with the band since 1973.

[28]  Paul and Stu have lots to smile about!

[29]  Dave says he has only two valve caps left.

[30]  Jim likes to play his three-bell trumpet.

[31]  Bob recently joined the plastic trombone section. He chose yellow, to complement Harvey’s green one (the band colors).

[32]  Marlene couldn’t be happier!

[33]  With a friend like Debbie, you have no worries.

[34]  Andy is back in the drum section, with his famous personalized sticks.

[35]  Jimmy and Rich are ready for a great parade!

[36]  David joins us, because it’s his favorite thing to do on Independence day!

[37]  Ken is raring to go!

[38]  The banner is in position, ready to go!

[39]  Left-wing banner carrier Nancy is ready.

[40]  Right-wing banner carrier Jo-Ellen is ready.

[41]  Fay is ready.

[42]  A string of floats is queued up on a side street.

[43]  Smiley sounds off!

[44]  George strums the banjo!

[45]  Cindy gives us a little trill!

[46]  The drum line is in good shape!

[47]  Dick says, “Let’s go!”

[48]  Vinny shows off his new hood ornament.

[49]  Boris and Don are glad we are finally underway.

[50]  Imagine, this much talent all in one place.

[51]  Hal is on valve trombone today.

[52]  The parade went quickly (some would say too quickly), so here we are at the end of the route, enjoying some refreshment.

[53]  Some find a shady spot to relax.

[54]  Others prefer some sun. The weather was perfect.

[55]  Cyndi and Nancy discuss their next move.

[56]  Meanwhile, Cindy takes it easy.

[57]  Fay and Ken show off their routines.

[58]  Looking good!

[59]  Uncle Sam wants You!

[60]  Jimmy thought this was a beer truck, but now realizes his mistake.

[61]  Keltie is looking good in her shimmy fringe outfit!

[62]  The Broadway Cocktail Lounge (where we usually go after the parade) is now under new management, and is now known as “Bobby D’s Cocktail Lounge.” We played a few patriotic tunes and were rewarded with a case of beer.



[65]  The regulars enjoyed the music!

[66]  What can I say?

[67]  A nice front line.

[68]  Our tunes wouldn’t be the same without the vocals.

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